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Different Ways to Sharpen a Hatchet

Ways to Sharpen a Hatchet

Hatchets are a key wood-cutting tool. They combine the precision of a one-handed tool with the heft and power of an axe, making them very useful for craftsmen who want to harvest and/or split their own wood. Like any bladed hand tool, hatchets must be kept sharp to deliver their best performance. Using a dull […]

How To Wear A Boot Knife in 5 Minutes Like a Pro!

Boot Knife

Survival instinct is a fundamental nature present in all life forms, including humans. Self-defense is an act of countermeasure that involves defending oneself from any harm, and there are many ways on how to protect yourself from various threats. In this article, you’ll learn how to wear a boot knife, as owning one of these is an ideal […]

6 Types of Knots Every Outdoorsman Should Know

types of knots

Whether you’re tying your tent’s rainfly down in a nasty storm, lashing your kayak to a well-used roof rack, or making some on-the-trail gear repairs, tying knots is a skill every modern outdoorsman needs to master. We’ve put together a handy little guide to the most essential type of knots: a taut-line hitch, square knot, figure eight […]