6 Types of Knots Every Outdoorsman Should Know

types of knots

Whether you’re tying your tent’s rainfly down in a nasty storm, lashing your kayak to a well-used roof rack, or making some on-the-trail gear repairs, tying knots is a skill every modern outdoorsman needs to master. We’ve put together a handy little guide to the most essential type of knots: a taut-line hitch, square knot, figure eight […]

How to Choose a Tent: Which Tent Best Fits Your Outdoor Personality?

how to choose a tent

There are many ways to enjoy the outdoors, from the ounce saving thru-hiker to the car camping family of four, there’s a wilderness for everyone. Find your perfect tent by determining your outdoor style. The Ultra-Lite Extremist You’re a gram-counting champ. The spreadsheets with your gear combinations and weight would rival that of a Wall […]